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How to Write Compelling Meta Descriptions That’ll Increase Your SEO in 2021

The Significance of Meta Descriptions for SEO in 2021

A Meta Description (sometimes known as meta description attribute or tag) is an HTML component that describes and briefs the contents of your page for the profit of users and search engines. They provide information about a web page for website visitors and search engines. While metadata isn’t as significant for SEO rankings as it used to be, the meta description length still influences an essential position in on-page SEO.

In the head part of the document, two elements that must be placed as tags are:

  • Title tag
  • Meta Description

What Is a Meta Description?

A meta description is an aspect within your meta tags that assist in interpreting your page. It is a short paragraph of text placed in the HTML of a webpage and describes its content. It appears under your page’s URL in the search results, which is known as a snippet.

This snippet of text may come up in the search engine findings under your headline, though occasionally, search engines will grab a snippet of text from the central body sample of the page instead. 

It mostly appears when people share your articles across social channels and other websites.

It often appears when people share your articles across social channels and other websites.

  1. You can discover the meta description on any web page by right-clicking on the page and choosing “view source” or “view page source.”
  2. Outlook your page’s meta description by right-clicking and choosing “view source.”

The information has a few objectives: to operate as the snippet of text on the SERP when searchers conduct a search query that your page ranks for. In addition, the meta description should provide search engine users with a brief description of what they’ll learn if they click through your site. Therefore a search for “meta keywords” on Google might incite a SERP listing.

How Long Should a Meta Description Be?

Google newly enhanced the regular length for meta descriptions. Previously, meta descriptions were approved to be 160 characters or less in length.

As of 2017, Google will display 275 characters on the SERP. Therefore, your meta description tags should be optimized up to 275 characters in length.

Importance of Meta descriptions for SEO in 2021

A compelling meta description contains the ability to raise the click-through rate of your organic search results. It influences the searcher’s decision as to whether they wish to click through on your content from search results or not. Meta description tags can have a crucial effect on your search engine optimization efforts. That means more people who see your page in the search results will click through and land on your site. That means an increase in traffic for you, even if your ranking stays the same!

  • The meta description has two central values:Your meta description functions as “organic ad text.”

This signifies that when your ad ranks for a keyword, Google and other engines will frequently show the meta description as an overview of the page.

  • This creates the meta description as “vital as ad text.”

A convincing meta description can increase the click-through rate of your organic search results. That means more people who notice your page in the search results will click through and land on your site. That symbolizes more traffic for you, even if your ranking stays the same!


The best practices for developing good meta descriptions are a lot like those for writing excellent ad text:

  • Keywords: do make sure your most significant keywords for the webpage show up in the meta description. Frequently search engines will emphasize in bold where it discovers the searcher’s inquiry in your snippet.
  • Write readable, legible copy: this is very important. Keyword compressing your meta description is awful, and it doesn’t benefit the searcher as they’ll presume your result directs to a spammy website. Make sure your description reads like a regular, human-written sentence.
  • Manage the meta description as if it’s an advert for your web page: make it as applicable and as binding as possible. The portrayal must match the content on your webpage, but you should also make it appealing.
  • Length: a meta description length should not be longer than 135 – 160 characters long (though Google has formerly been testing lengthier snippets). Any extended and search engines will chop the end off, so make sure any essential keywords are closer to the front.
  • Do not replicate meta descriptions: As with title tags, the meta descriptions must be composed differently for every page. Google may penalize you for mass repeating your meta descriptions.
  • Consider using rich snippets: Using schema markup, you can enhance components to the snippets to improve their petition. For instance: customer ratings, star ratings, product information, calorie counts, etc.
  • Use surveyed, targeted keywords in your meta descriptions.
  • Make certain they’re hyper-relevant to the content on each page; never use a similar meta description across your entire site.
  • Communicate benefits and necessity.
  • Urge users to click to reveal the value and allure to emotion.
  • Check to make sure your meta description isn’t too extended with a SERP preview meta description checker tool.
  • Go over the SEO basics guide.
  • Find how to optimize your organic CTR.

Things to Avoid While Writing Meta Descriptions

  • Meta Descriptions Which Are Too Long
  • Descriptions Which Are Too Short
  • It Should Not be Inconsistent with Page Content
  • Avoid Lack of Relevant Keywords
  • Description Duplication
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Meta Description That Is Boring
  • Leaving Out a Call to Action
  • Confusing ‘Meta Descriptions’ with ‘Snippets’
  • Not Writing Your Meta Descriptions at All


  1. A sample format for the meta description would look like: {Name of Practice} offers quality {list dental services} in {Your City}. Call {Phone Number} today to register your appointment! So, for example, Dental Associates deliver quality general and cosmetic dentistry. Call 8076232862 to schedule your appointment! 
  2. Award-winning lawyers with 100 years of collective experience, the most prominent law firm. Call today for assistance with what’s concerning you.

To Conclude:

Meta descriptions aren’t going away anytime soon.

The sooner you learn to write a good meta description, the sooner you can start increasing your rankings and enabling your overall SEO efforts.

Since descriptions are a part of the overall user experience of your website, when it comes to your SEO, Google takes them very seriously.

And surprisingly, one of the most remarkable ways you can start improving your approach is to forget about elements like character count.

Instead, try to be unique and exciting.

Engage with your potential leads and show them what you have to offer.

If you establish the right approach and implement highly used keywords, you’ll start to see a boost in your organic traffic over time.

With diligence, time, and a lot of patience, you’ll start to see the results you want.

If you want to learn further about writing compelling Meta descriptions that’ll boost your SEO in 2021, you can check our website, eNVoRa: Digital Branding & Marketing Company.

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