Dental Marketing Ideas During Covid-19

“COVID-19 has ruined all our businesses” was the only statement that was most obvious during 2020. This pandemic has worsened the existing economic hardships that people in business were facing all over the world. The only way you can promote your dentistry during this pandemic is through Digital Marketing ways using dental marketing ideas for new patients.

Listed below are some dental marketing strategies that will help you in getting normal in the ‘new normal.

1. Implement ‘LOVE’ in your marketing campaigns

The word marketing automatically generates an image of a sticky salesman getting after you to buy a product in the minds of ordinary people, which is now considered an obsolete way of marketing. Marketing now is not just a sales pitch. You do not require a sleazy salesperson to promote yourself as well as your business and its services. Due to this pandemic, people are now searching for genuine values to make connections with them. 

You need to emphasize with your patients and not just their wallets because this is what implementing love in your marketing campaign means.

We are listing a few steps below that will be helpful to you in implementing love into your marketing campaigns. 

 Firstly, think about the problems that you have been solving for your patients.

 Emphasize with your patients. Put yourself in your patient’s shoes and try to feel their emotions.

 Identify all the barriers and obstacles that your patients are facing due to which they are not able to call your office.

 After doing all the things mentioned above, try to create trust-building and authentic content.

 Ensure that your content is authentic and generous and provides a value of service while connecting with your patients.

2. Build with your community and try to engage with them

Try your best to be an inspiring leader in your local community. Consider the needs of local people and then think about the information that will be valuable when shared with them.

There can be many ways in which you can show your support to local people. Some are listed below:-

Try reaching out to local leaders and offer your services to them. Provide free dental to people as a part of donation as well as marketing.

Support your neighboring small businesses by either tagging them on social media or social media promotion and asking them to do the same for you.

Building connections with your industry networks will also be very beneficial to you.

Organizing social campaigns and start sharing your knowledge.

3. Blog Consistently

Due to COVID 19, businesses of all types are blogging and focusing on sharing information related to corona instead of focusing on themselves. Every organization shares a different piece of information. Thus, it becomes very hard for the public to decide what’s correct and what’s not!

While everyone is focusing on corona, use this opportunity to focus on yourself.

Be smart and club both the topic, corona, and your dentistry. Try writing posts related to the connection between corona and dental health. Also, provide information on how you are keeping your patients safe from corona during their dental treatment. List all the precautions that you have been following to prevent the spread of corona.

Also, you can make your blog interesting by adding a few things to it which may seem attractive to the audience. You can share your favorite recipe or exercise routine to stay fit or even ways to pass the time during corona. All this will be helping you in making your blog exciting and make people come again and again to your website.   

4. Try starting a social campaign

dental marketing ideas

As work from home is highly embraced due to this pandemic, people are now getting a chance to spend more time on social media.

Do not post anything on social media. Instead, go for engaging as well as valuable content.

You will be able to convert your followers on social media into your forever patients by having an active social media presence, which will add more value to your online presence.

5. Make authentic videos

It has been surveyed that videos on your landing page can increase your chances of conversions by 80%, thus making authentic videos. Videos that focus on featuring people help in building trust and familiarity. It has also proved that social media generates about 1200% more than text and image combined. 

6. Try Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click ads

The Internet has messed up with a lot of junk, and thus it is now more difficult for someone to make their messages visible to others on the Internet. Search engine marketing and pay-per-click ads now act as a solution to the following problem. It is one way you can use it if you want to get your messages seen and heard by others. These ways also help create visibility and are amongst one of the most profitable marketing ideas for new dental office that help get a higher Return on Investment.

7. Go for web chats and online booking creation widgets

 After COVID 19, We all now live in a new age where people are working remotely. That, in turn, means that more and more people now rely on the Internet for fulfilling their needs.

And they want their questions to be answered quickly.

But here’s the twist: People don’t want to get their questions answered on the phone. Thus, as an alternative to this, go for an online booking facility and a webchat.

It will help you in converting those visitors on your website into your customers… It shows that you are offering 24/7 customer service to your potential patients.

8. Keep on updating your website’s messaging 

It is one of the main steps you need to follow to make your patients visit your website repeatedly. Keep updating your website’s messaging based on the patient’s needs and the questions you have answered. For this step, you need to remember your first step, implementing your campaign with love and emphasizing with your patients.

9. Keep on updating your google my business account

Google my business profile will help you link your website’s landing page, which contains all your website’s detailing, including information about how you are keeping your patients safe from the corona.

10. Implement a text marketing strategy in your campaign

It’s most likely that you have a texting system that reminds your current patients of their appointments or leaves a review. Sending a text message is providing you with that first-class service to access your patients. So, what are you waiting for? Why are you not taking it a step further? It’s time that you now use it to share your knowledge and provide them with time and accurate content.

  • Share blog posts about COVID-19 and its protocols.
  • Make a video of yourself with updates in the dental office.
  • Announce the launch of your in-house membership plan.

It is just another marketing way Organizing neighboring to build trust and show that you’re a generous leader of your community. I hope these dental marketing ideas during covid will help you.

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