Dental Marketing strategies to increase new patients

Stay in touch with your previous patients.

This way is one of the most important and most accessible dental marketing strategies ways that will help you increase new patients in your dental office. You must be wondering how staying in touch with your old patients help you in growing new patients! Let me tell you how.

Nearly 75% to 80% of your referred customers will come from your 100% satisfied and happy customers. Thus, staying in touch with former patients will lead to the generation of new patients.

Following are some tips and methods that will be helping you to stay in touch with your previous patients.

Any patient who visited you today will become your old patient from tomorrow onwards, so do not forget to collect all the necessary information like name, address, phone number, etc., on day one only.

You may be examining different types of people, thus finding someone who works as an influencer and trying hard to connect with them. They may be beneficial to you.

Try using their contact details for connecting with them and sending them messages about your practice. Send them new additions to your work, treatment offers, and articles from your professional website.

You can also opt to send them some physical gifts such as a thank-you card, a birthday card with some special message, and many other things like these.

Attract your customers with your Unique Selling Price(USP)

If, in any case, you are a young dentist and are new to dentistry practice, it will be difficult for you to attract new patients. The reason behind this is the entry of more and more people into the dental market with different dental marketing strategies. In this type of situation, all you need to do is to highlight your USP.

Use a particular trait as your skill and make it your specialty. It would help if you were very efficient at it. 

If you have the financial power to purchase equipment that will be a valuable addition to your practice and clinic, do not delay it.

Once you get to know your skills that you are efficient at and after purchasing the latest machinery, then do not hesitate to promote it as your USP.

It is widespread not to have considerable purchasing power being a new dentist; thus, do one thing. Attract your customers by providing them a good quality ambiance. Generate a positive vibe in your clinic by making it as pleasant and peaceful as possible for your clients.

Try to attract customers from your local area.

One of the essential points for a dentist is to remember the “dentistry is purely a local based profession. The views and experience about your practices that the local people give can help you make it or else break it. Thus, make sure you establish your name in your local area. You can carry out the following activities to achieve the above tip.

Do not overspend on online marketing. You have a local business and not an online market like Flipkart, targeting the local audience while promoting your clinic.

Social media and Facebook promotions are better for big corporations and websites; thus, do not overestimate them. Instead of that, you may use radio for speeches and advertising as well.

Attend local functions and also sponsor them.

Keep dental checkup events in your area, which are free of cost for everyone.

Distribute pamphlets and brochures of your clinic in your local area.

Wisely use social media.

There is possibly no one in this world who does not use social media platforms; thus, use them wisely and try to make sensible use of them. Read out the following points for getting an idea of what and how is the work to be done:-

Firstly, add all your known as well as local contacts.

Do not overspend, but invest in paid ads on social media platforms

Beautify your profile by adding all about you and your practices. For example, your name and the clinic’s name, facilities you offer in your clinic, specialties of you, offers and packages details that you provide to your customer, exact address of your clinic, etc.

Either purchase or else create a website for your clinic

The two primary points that will help you in attracting new customers to your clinic are:

Get a website for your clinic as it will establish your physical location well

Make sure your site is engaging and interactive, easy to use and attractive, and informative. Listed below are some necessary steps that you need to follow while creating your website.

Please search for a domain name that is available and then purchase it with hosting.

Start writing essential and accurate content for your website.

Contact an experienced person who can design your WordPress website.

Incorporate your website by adding essential features such as decent payment options, testimonials, and social media features.

Work on your SEO and focus on improving it.

After purchasing a website for your business, the next step is to consider your Search Engine Optimization. Similar to social media, SEO can also be made highly geographically accurate as we know that Google is the most commonly used search engine, which focuses on optimizing your business website over there.

Pay high importance to google reviews.

The online review system is now more critical than ever. All types of businesses, including the dental health practice, now necessarily need to garner positive reviews on the google search rank listing. Positive reviews and 5-star ratings online are translations of your customers happy with your performance in real life. Thus, make sure that you provide your customers with a good quality of work and focus on being cooperative with them.

Provide free consultations to new patients.

It is one of the best promotional plans for attracting new clients to your dental clinic. If used appropriately, this method may be very fruitful for you. You can provide your customers with consultations and expert advice without charging them for it, which means free of cost.

Also, provide your customers with offers that they can not resist, for example- 30% discount on their first visit and 20%discount if they purchase your membership on their very first day. If you promise to stick to your words, you will see accurate results in some time. All you need to do is that you have to stick to your plan and stay patient.


In this post written above, we have enumerated some of the most straightforward and most practical day dental marketing strategies that any dentist can use to increase new patients at their clinic. You can surely use these methods to connect with new people, but all you need to remember is that it is necessary to maintain a perfect balance between your old and new patients. I hope these dental marketing strategies will help you to increase new patient in your dental office.

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