How can I promote my dental office? [dental patient marketing 2021]

All professional businesses now understand the importance of professional marketing as well as advertisement. The same goes for a dental practice as well. Advertising your dental practice and carrying out dental patient marketing will help you bring new patients to your clinic’s doorstep. Your relation with your existing patients has a chance of betterment as well. Marketing plays an essential part in attracting new customers to your clinic and will also help your practice flourishing. 

It’s simple to know that you need to market and advertise your dental practice, but how are you going to do that is the toughest part here. You can either go for a single method to market your dental practice, or else you could choose a combination of several different dental marketing methods to advertise your clinic and get new patients.

Following are some practical and efficient dental marketing methods that will help you market your dental practice.

Start Getting Involved With Your dental Community

There is no need for this statement, but still, if your dental clinic has located in Los Angeles, there is no point in advertising in Atlanta as you won’t be treating your patients over there. Dental practices have automatically classified under local businesses according to their nature. It means that you will have to rely on your local community to provide you with patients.

Getting involved with your community could be in the form of attending festivals, sponsoring small events, or even setting up a free dental check-up. All these involvements will provide you with the opportunity of building relationships at a personal level.

It would be a part of direct marketing where you have a chance to engage with some word of mouth.

Build A Community On Social media

After getting involved with your community, the next best thing for you is to build a community on social media. Even for new patients, you need to post updates on social media regularly. Try to be a constant source of communication so that your followers hear you all year round.

Put your focus on Local SEO

Search engine optimization can support your business with all essential dental terms, but it’s local keywords that will be bringing new clients to you. As stated in the first point, dental practice is a local business. Thus Local SEO services are the best way of dental patient marketing. It will help bring the target audience who is searching for these same terms on different search engines.

Create a solid and well-designed website for your dental marketing

A study has proved that there are about 80% chances that a potential customer will have its first interaction with your business on your website. You should make sure that you make an excellent first impression, knowing that ‘the first impression is the last impression.’ There are few important steps that you need to keep in mind while designing your website. Your website should, first of all, look professional, be well organized, and informative. Your site should be easy to use for your visitors.

Make use of content marketing to offer value.

Everything on your website is a part of the content. It can be in the form of text, images, or even videos. Content marketing basically refers to the practice in which you use content like blogs and ebooks, which help in attracting visitors to your website and in the end, get those visitors converted into patients of your clinic.

Ping your clients with appointment reminders

If you want to grow your dental practice and take it to huge heights, following tactics to attract new patients to your clinic will not be sufficient for this. You need to maintain as well as flourish your relationship with your existing patients as well. 

Sending appointment reminders or fixing an appointment with them can be a great idea for staying connected to your existing patients. This is a way through which you can show your concern about your existing patient’s dental health. They will feel like being taken care of. Some ideas are listed below through which you can send appointment reminders to your existing patients.

  • E-mails
  • Text messages
  • Social media reminders
  • Pamphlets or postcards
  • Last but not the least, phone calls

Google AdWords Campaign

Running ad campaigns on Google AdWords can be a very helpful method of promoting your dental office. Google ads are one of the strongest pay-per-click marketing platforms that display your ads to users who are searching for similar keywords. While using the Google AdWords campaign, make sure you use your descriptions and headlines in such a way that they highlight your unique offers and features which let you stand out from the crowd.

Conduct keyword research and diversify them

If you wish that your website should rank well on various search engines then conducting keyword research is one of the obvious and essential parts of it. Also, make sure that you take emergency keywords into consideration. This will result in an excellent dental patient marketing strategy. This is because emergency services have a relatively higher chance of being searched by making use of voice search and they also adjust the keywords accordingly  

Dental Patient Marketing 2021

These were some effective and efficient ways of dental patient marketing. You can either use any single method or could also group some of them in order to get the best results. Also, one main thing or step that you need to carry out is to keep a look at the activities of your competitor. This will serve two purposes; one that you will get to know about your competitors’ way of working and second you can now think of doing something unique and different from the activities of your competitors so that you become eligible for standing out of the crowd.

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