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Small Business Website Checklist [2021]

In today’s business realm, a high-quality, well-functioning website is an absolute must. It can market your company, draw in recent leads and, in most cases, attract more sales and revenues in the long term. It’s even more crucial for small businesses. Small business website checklist must invest in every resource to improve exposure and enhance their brand’s visibility, with a restricted budget and not much cash for marketing and advertising.

A tremendous website can do just that.

Unfortunately, several small business owners go about constructing their sites the incorrect way. They design their site to be a dormant, exhausting old online brochure, or they care only about the visual appeal – the design, the colors, the imagery, etc.

The fact is your website should be attended as an asset – one that can help your business grow by fascinating clients. It certainly requires information, but it shouldn’t overload the user with data and make it tedious. 

None of that matters at all unless your site has all the adequate and proper components and pieces.

Website Checklist For Small Businesses

Do you crave to make sure your small business is making the maximum of its online presence? Then make sure it has these ten crucial components below.

1. Great Home Page Content

A page where you sell those leads on your business is called a home page. It’s where your leads learn about who you are, what do you do,  and how you can benefit them to solve their difficulties.

Your leads will proceed to other pages if they appreciate what they see; they may even contact you or purchase a product from you.

To make sure your homepage is as potent as possible, try some of these tips:

  • Make your content not about yourself but your clients: 

show your clients that you can assist them in their problems by dealing with their issues and challenges. Get them through their difficulties and triumph.

  • Keep it short and sweet: 

it would be best if you remember that most web users are constantly in a hurry. It would help if you were informative but not take up all of their time.

  • Add a photo: 

To establish a connection with your clients, you should add a photo of your CEO or your team on the home page somewhere. It makes them more inclined to use your services in the future.

  • Have a transparent call to action: 

Where is your homepage driving leads to do? To get clicks on your services pages and discover more?  Make specific your call to action is clear, concise, and, most of all, easy to learn.

2. Contact Information Throughout

Customers are looking for only two things when they do business with small companies: a convenient, manageable experience and incredible personalized service. You can virtually ensure this for your customers by showing your contact information, address, phone number, and even a map everywhere on your site.

If they need more guidance or concern, they can effortlessly spot your phone number or email and contact you to get help. 

Essentially, you should make discovering your contact info as easy as possible – no matter where on your site a user is browsing, if you want your website to have the maximum impact.

3. Fast loading times

If your site takes time to load, your customers will be less likely to stick around to learn more about you. Page loading times play a significant role in your website’s success. They’re considered in search engine algorithms. Slow loading times are a turn-off to your users. 

4. Proper Domain Registration Information

Your search engine rankings can get influenced by the way your domain is registered. Google factors domain registration information into its algorithm, evaluating it as an indicator of business credibility. It should conform to the contact information on your website.

It would be best if you kept the same domain as long as possible. 

5. Mobile-Friendly Design

website checklist

Over the past years, mobile web usage has evolved exponentially. The way your website looks on mobile phones has become a crucial element of your overall online performance. 

Your search rankings will begin to jump if your site looks and functions perfectly on mobile devices. If the font is tiny, the images don’t display, or it’s challenging to navigate, then you’ll fall into the competition.

Opting for responsive layouts is the perfect way to ensure your website displays appropriately across all devices.

6. Google Analytics Installation:

Google Analytics is a free tool that a small business owner must take advantage of. It delivers you a detailed insight into the performance of your website. You can learn important information about your audience, your SEO efforts, your pages, and more. 

You can even set up objectives and measure conversions, like sales, form submissions, and more, which can significantly help measure your website’s overall success as a marketing tool.

7. Google Webmasters Integration

Google Webmasters is another free tool. It helps you control the overall health of your website as viewed by Google, like loading time, errors, and performance on mobiles.

8. A Blog

A blog should be a part of every business marketing strategy, be it big or small. Blogs serve to inform your customers, help direct them through their challenges and deliver them value for interacting with your brand. They also create your brand as an authority in your industry, and they have a significant impact on SEO.

9. Assurance

Customers anyhow want to know different people’s viewpoints about your products and services.

Every great small business site requires a portfolio, case study, or even testimonials section that provides potential insight into your company’s performance. It should exhibit to them precisely what you can do, how you’ve benefited others, and how that can translate to their necessities and problems, too.

 10. Additional tips

If you wish to have the most prosperous online presence possible, you also have to build up your perception elsewhere.

Like you can create a Google+ Business page and connect it to your website. You can also generate a Yelp listing and get on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc.

These ten crucial components will assist you in attracting more traffic, captivating additional potential customers, and, eventually, put extra money in your pocket over time. 

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