What Are Heading Tags and Why You Should Use Them?

Heading tags have a particularly important function within an HTML structure. They are used in HTML documents to define the heading of a page. For example, they act as signposts for the readers and make it easier for them to figure out what a post or page is about. Heading also helps in defining the hierarchy and the structure of the web page content.

But, Many people think headings are a method of styling or designing the articles by increasing or decreasing the font size or changing the font style, but heading tags are the HTML tags that indicate running on a web page. Header tags are arranged in order and have rank (h1 to h6) according to their use and importance.

Use the <h1> tag to mark the most important heading which is usually at the top of the page.An HTML document generally should have exactly one <h1>heading,followed by the lower-level headings such as <h2>,<h3>,<h4> and so on.

We mentioned an example below so you can understand headings tags clearly.

Example of heading tags

Let’s assume that you are writing an article on Cost-effective Small business Marketing ideas, and the keyword of your essay is, of course, “Cost-effective Small business. “

H1:Cost effective small business 

H2: Small business marketing that won’t break your budget
Perfect your elevator pitch
Request an online review or testimonial

H3: Create sticky customers

H4: Employ social media marketing
Set up social media account
Start with one or two platforms

 H5:Start using Video

From the above example, we learned how do you use the heading tags? In our content and what role h1, h2, h3 plays in an article or blog. We also learn from this example which header tags are important?

Why should you use heading tags? 

Now we will see how do heading helps the reader?

Use heading tags to show the structure of the text

Suppose you are scrolling Instagram or Facebook, you suddenly see an article. So how do you know what’s in the article? You will read the heading of it, which is on the top of the page through which you get an idea that’s what the article is about

Improve SEO

H1 tags are that which appear in Google’s result. Search engine optimization or SEO headings for appropriate keywords in a user’s search.

Improve accessibility

It is essential for accessibility. This is suitable for those people who don’t like to read from the screen. And remember that good accessibility leads to good SEO.

Heading tags enhances readability and visibility.

How you present your content plays a vital role. Because it can make significant differences. Good heading attracts the audience quickly, and the audience gets attracted towards the page. Giving your content a unique header and attractive heading increases the audience interest in your content 

To warm it all up,

In this article, we explained what heading tags are and why we should use them. We use an example so that our readers can understand better and also explain the importance of heading tags.

Here is what you should remember.

  • Use only one H1 tag as per the webpage.
  • Keep headings brief and to that point.
  • Don’t overuse H tags.
  • Keep a consistent structure throughout your pages.

If you want to know more details related to heading tags, you can contact our company “Envora” anytime.Our team will help you and can provide you services on the same.

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